A Guide to the Beautiful City of Bristol


The city of Bristol is considered the largest city in the southwest of England, which has a lot to offer both visitors and Britons alike. This great city has a thriving arts and media scene, surrounded by rolling hills, plenty of historic sites, also with a great student population when it comes to education and career development. The city of Bristol started its life as a small Saxon village, which was known as ‘Brigstow’ in the medieval time. Its position at the confluence of the River Avon and the River Frome and its proximity to the sea enabled Brigstow to develop strong trading links and become the thriving city of Bristol that people know and admire today from different parts of the world.

The great Victorian engineer, Isambard Kindom Brunel who is responsible for both the world’s first iron steam ship, SS Great Britain, and the impressive Clifton Suspension Bridge is perhaps the most famous person to be associated with Bristol. This spectacular ship completed several trips across the Atlantic. The ship was recovered and restored to its former luxury liner glory after running aground in the Falkland Islands. Tourists can now tour her at the Great Western Dock in Bristol.

When it comes to trade and business in the city of Bristol, maritime trade was very strong, especially cocoa, tobacco and sugar in the early years of the development of the city. This trade moved to Liverpool eventually, and industry took over as the major business activity in the Southeast England city of Bristol. Tourists are always fascinated by the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which is 702ft long, offering amazing views of city beyond and the Avon Gorge over which it is suspended. You are rest assured to get a wonderful scenery during both day and night. When fully illuminated against the darkness at night, it creates a beautiful scene. This great bridge has basically become a site attraction for people visiting the city.

When visiting Bristol, it is important to note that the village of Clifton itself is the most elegant quarter of the city, and once a spa resort. You will find that it has great views over the river below and the longest Georgian crescent in the country. Most tourists find Clifton a wonderful place to spend their time while in the city. Bristol has also become a destination of choice for weddings and other events, the SS Great Britain gives a wonderful and historic maritime feel to wedding celebrations. After all is said and done, the ship is at your disposal so you can take photos that would make the event even more memorable.

Bristol is one of the big cities in the UK that has much to offer, in terms of business, education, tourism and even technology. You will find that Bristol is not only a city rich in history but it is a city that has a very vibrant nightlife, which is filled with fun activities for everyone. Wonderful restaurants, famous museums and art galleries etc. with fascinating places to eat and drink such as the Michelin star restaurant Casamia.