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A great sports-loving city such as Bristol has a lot to offer both visitors and locals, for this city, its immediately evident when you visit the Bristol City Ground, the Gloucestershire Country Cricket Club or any other sports centre in the city. Lovers of outdoor activities will not run out of things to do at High Action in Winscombe, which is a great venue for couples and entire families. At this incredible venue, there are a lot of things to try such as rock climbing, abseiling and a host of other adventurous sporting activities.

If you are in Bristol with your kids, you both can have fun at the Bristol Indoor Paintball in Kingswood, which is a favourite destination for having lots of fun. When going for Paintballing, you will have to pay a small entrance fee, which already includes your safety equipment and gun. It is generally a fun activity for both the young and old, which is ideal for boosting stamina.

Bristol has two main professional football clubs, i.e. Bristol Rovers and Bristol City Football Club. These two clubs belong to separate leagues, and both teams have a strong and active fan base in the city and around the country. The Bristol City Football Club is generally the more popular and successful of the Bristol’s two pro clubs. With home games played at the Ashton Gate Stadium on Ashton Road, they are very popular in the local community and enjoy tremendous support. The Ashton Gate Stadium also hosts a number of activities for people of all ages, mainly football and rugby events, which are very popular sports in Bristol.

Bristol also has many indoor football facilities where the working class and much older individuals can show off their skills during weekends or during their lunchtimes. Five-a-side sport centres are also available in most sports facilities all over the city, which provides football lovers more venues to display their talents. Bristol also has excellent soccer schools such as the Jamie Shore Soccer School and the Brazilian Soccer School, which are excellent avenues for kids to learn about the fundamentals of the game and ball control.

Golf lovers will feel right at home in Bristol, with its fascinating golf courses spread across the city. The best golf courses around are hands-down the mesmerising Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe and the beautiful Woodlands Golf and Country Club in Almondsbury, these gulf courses hosts huge crowds all year round.

For lovers of ice-skating, the Bristol Ice Rink on Frogmore Street is a spectacular venue for ice-skating. For individuals new to skating, skating lessons are also provided at the Bristol Ice Rink, which makes it ideal for both experienced and novice skaters. The city is also filled with swimming pools galore, which are either run by independent businessmen or the local council. Bristol also houses venues for trout fishing such as the Bristol Water Fisheries on Stoke Hill in Woodford Lodge. The wonderful venue is equipped with special boats for the handicapped to have fun as well.